The Process

Building a new home is a big investment of time and resources. While most of our home owners are experienced home buyers, many are new to the home building process. We understand this. That’s why we go to such extraordinary lengths to make this process as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. We do this by offering personal attention to your needs and your home’s development, designing and building a home that is a perfect fit for your lifestyle, and treating each home owner with respect. Our pledge is to make the process of building your dream home as stress free as possible.

Choosing Your Lot

The site your home occupies plays a major role in the final project. The best projects maximize the strengths of your lot and adapt the home design to play up its potential. When you involve your builder early in the process, they can review the lots you’re considering and offer insights on the options each lot presents.

The site you choose will have a direct influence on the architecture of your home. Together with your architect, we work with the specific features of your lot, taking into account factors like exposure, orientation, wind, view, drainage, and access to utilities, as well as zoning laws, building codes, and any other restrictions.

King’s Foot offers a no-cost, no-obligation evaluation of your home site – whether you’ve already purchased a lot or you’re evaluating several properties. If you’re just getting started in your search, we can help by recommending agents to help you find your dream location.

Designing Your Home

The design of your custom home should reflect your personality and your lifestyle, and that’s where an architect’s service can offer tremendous value. In fact, choosing the right architect is just as important as choosing the right builder. The architect can be a great source of fresh ideas that complement your own ideas for the project. Your architect should be passionate about his or her work, should respect and understand your vision, and should be prepared to work closely with us as a critical member of the project team.

Woodhouse® has an experienced design, architect and drafting staff that creates individual, custom-designed, timber frame and post and beam homes tailored to your property and to your needs. We invite and encourage unique design. Our in-house creative team will make your sketches and home plan ideas come to life. Or, if you prefer, we are happy to work with your own private architect.

Design Selections

Following our consultation on your vision and scope of work, you’ll select finishes for your project such as floor coverings, cabinets, light fixtures, appliances and plumbing fixtures.  We work with local trade partners who have wonderful showrooms where you can see, touch and compare the items you choose for your home.  Selections can also be completed online from any location for clients who may not be able to visit the showroom.  Or we are happy to work with an interior decorators if you so desire.


Once your building plans and construction specifications are complete, we provide you with a cost-plus-price proposal to build your home or renovation exactly as you have designed it.  Please check our references and you will see that our prices are real.  We do not under-bid a contract to get the job.  Our prices reflect real sub-contractors bids that are guaranteed and the only thing that will take you over budget is your change orders or some extreme unforeseen problem with the property.

During Construction

Once construction begins, you will begin to see your dream become a reality.  We provide you with an update on the progress of your home throughout the construction process.  This is done through regular email updates, complete with the construction status, pictures and any other pertinent information about your project.  Frequent on-site meetings are scheduled with the client at pertinent times during the process; such as before rough-ins and before drywall is hung.  Clients are also welcome to visit the site with us at any time they wish.  We feel open lines of communication are very important to ensure your complete satisfaction as our client.  This time gives you the opportunity to ask questions and learn about your home during the construction process.


Once your home is complete, we conduct a new home orientation.  During the orientation, we demonstrate all aspects of your home so that you learn how to operate, maintain and enjoy your new home. Building a home is a team event that involves healthy client relationships and strong business partner relationships. Together these allow for an enjoyable building experience for all.  Each and every home or structural remodel comes with a 2-year warranty.  Rest assured that we do not disappear once your home closes.

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